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Love Bunnies


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Turn the handle on this delightful model and the rabbits do their stuff. Driven by a two lobed cam for a fast action this salacious model is certain to quicken the heartbeat.

The download is a series of three pages printed front and back ready for you to print out and assemble. Follow the instructions below to assemble the model.


Down the file to make your own Love Bunnies. Use thin card (230 gsm/ 67lb) The three pages are printed in colour front and back. Print out the front, flip the card over and return it to your printer to print out the back. Let the ink dry completely.

Score along the dotted and dashed lines, cut out the holes then carefully cut out the parts.

Fold up and glue the base and top.

Fold and glue down the tabs on the box front and back.

Fold over the cam to make double thickness card then carefully cut it out.

Fit the cam into the axle outer

Roll up and glue down the axle tubes as accurately as possible.

Make the handle.

Glue the box ends to the box top. Make sure you get the parts the right way round.

Glue the base into place.

Glue the sides down apart from one of the ones with the hole.

Glue the axles into the axle outer.



Fit the axle into place and glue the side. The axle must be free to turn.

Wrap a small coin in an offcut of card. A penny is perfect. 20mm diameter, 4g weight.

Fit the coin into the cam follower.

Thread the cam follower into place in the box and glue it into position. The weight helps move the cam follower accurately.

Side view.

Glue on the handle.

Assemble the female rabbit body and front legs.

Assemble the two heads.

Glue the body into place on the box top. Glue the neck/headstand to the back of the body

Glue on the male rabbit body. Link the body to the cam follower with the pushrod.

Glue the head to the tab on the body. Glue the chin link into place as shown.

Different viewpoint.

Glue the back legs to the box top – not to the rabbit.

Assemble the tail and glue it on.

Glue the front paws into place – only onto the female rabbit.

Finish the model by glueing the female rabbit into place.


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